Marcello Di Muzio

researcher, writer

"The first step towards understanding the All proceeds from an understanding of ourselves"

"Ubi minor, maior cessat" it should be, and not the other way around

"Being tolerant: this is the first form of altruism"

"Knowing oneself also means understanding what in us comes from our environment and the outside forces that condition us"

"Each one of us is responsible for the world in which we live in the degree to which we do or don’t do anything to change ourselves"

"Man's life is not a test of his spirit, but a real spiritual growth"

"It is the need for an experience that generates reality, and not vice versa"

"You can call the purpose of human life whatever you like, but it means only one thing: to overcome a selfish view of existence"

"Now the time has come when spirituality becomes logical, clear and very coherent"

Being spiritual means living life coherently.
Thus emerges the unusual possibility that our spiritual quest must first of all mean knowing ourselves …



 High spiritual teachings for a new consciousness

 Marcello Di Muzio, January 2021


“This book is about human beings. It speaks of what is around them, what moves them.”