High spiritual teachings for a new consciousness

“This book is about human beings. It speaks of what is around them, what moves them.”

The book contains unpublished high spiritual teachings never translated until now.

Now for the first time, this book lays out fundamental truths about the invaluable work done by the Florence Circle 77 and the Ifior Circle from Italy. They are the most innovative, logical and consistent available today among the spiritual messages that have reached us.

But even more, the book is a distillation of a great many other sources and in-depth studies that aim to open the minds of those who seek logical, consistent, and comprehensible answers.

With engaging simplicity, the author takes us on an inner journey that reveals how the conscience is born, what dynamics drive the ego, how to evaluate “know thyself”, happiness, earlier lives, what happens after death; he then goes on to explore the dynamics that move the universe, applying a clear, revolutionary, and innovative vision of the Reality that surrounds us. This is a fascinating journey that lifts the veil on the clear, logical, and rational dimension of the afterworld, all open for exploration.

The exposition of this multitude of new and innovative concepts is offered here to help raise awareness of spiritual knowledge and gain a better understanding of life beyond the veil.

 This book is an unprecedented, extraordinary opportunity to learn about the most magnificent spiritual teachings ever received before.

Marcello Di Muzio, January 2021

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